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How to have a streak free and even tan

  • If you’re going to shave, do so at least 12 hours before your tan.

  • If you’re going to wax, do so before you tan, otherwise the wax could remove the layers of skin that are tan.

  • Exfoliate and rub-off excess, dead skin cells for an even tan.

  • Avoid lotion right before you tan, since lotions can act as a barrier on the skin and cause an uneven result. TIP: Instead of using lotion or moisturizer the day of tanning, try Mystic Tan Booster which will deliver quicker results.

  • Most importantly, avoid getting wet, like working out or showering until the day after the tanning application.


  • Shower, shave and exfoliate prior to your tan.

  • Prior to your tan, avoid putting lotions or deodorant onto the skin.

  • Wear loose fit clothing to ensure the most comfortable and relaxing experience.

  • In the chance of rain, be prepared to cover all areas of the skin after you tan.


  • Wash your hands immediately after your tan.

  • Avoid showering/heavily sweating until the following day (24 hours)

  • Do not get a manicure/pedicure afterwards. Recommend before you tan.

  • Once you shower for the first time, apply lotion and keep your skin moisturized.

  • The less you shower, the longer it will stay.

  • Do not rub or scrub in the shower. Gently wash with your hand, soap and water.


    • Want your tan to show up faster? Add the accelerator/enhancer to speed up the development time and help to make your tan last longer.

    • Add a scent to enhance the smell of your tan. Recommended if you are going to be around people immediately after your tan.

    • If you’re planning to work out and sweat, do so before your tan or minimize activity during your tan.

    • Avoid being in a hot tub for a long period of time.

    • Avoid massage oils or any type of oils.

    • Spray tan looks best after the first or second shower.

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